Thierry & Fraser – Hung Chav fucks Fit Footballer

Sexy defined chav lad Thierry has a hot session with handsome footballer Fraser Jacs in this great scene. Both lads are really sexy, Thierry is defined, smooth, with a big 8.5 inch uncut cock, and Fraser has fantastic muscular hairy legs and a beefy arse, with a thick uncut 7 incher and big balls too.

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The lads begin with kissing and groping, and Thierry takes off his polo shirt to let eager Fraser lick and suck on his nipples, whilst rubbing the stiffening bulge in his trackie bottoms. Fraser gets down onto his knees, and pulls down Thierrys trackies to reveal a big solid hardon straining against his white boxers. Fraser rubs and squeezes it for a bit before finally getting it out – and its a very nice cock, long, solid and uncut. Fraser sucks it as deep as can, and takes his time doing it, as he loves to suck, and he licks Thierrys balls a bit as well. He works up a nice rhythm, getting Thierry cock nice and wet, then stands up, and the lads kiss.


Thierry then gets down onto his knees, pulling down Frasers sport shorts, and his thick dick springs out. Thierry sucks on the end of it gently, getting it very wet, before sucking deeper and harder. Thierry sucks gently, but really well, so good its makes Frasers cock throb, very horny. Then Frasers gets down onto the floor, and Thierry leans back against the wall, to let Fraser suck him again, this time the sucking is more intense, as Thierry grips Frasers head, pushing his head down as deep as he can go, and fucking his face.


Next, Fraser is on his back, his beefy arse in the air, and Thierry pulls his cheeks apart to lick his hole, and then pushes his tongue right in, he gives him a good rimming, then rubs his hole with his finger, pushing it in gently,  getting Frasers juicy arse ready to take his big solid dick.  The fucking begins with Fraser laying on the floor on his front, sticking his muscular arse in the air, whilst Thierry stradles him, rubbing his hard cock between his cheeks and against his hole, before gently pushing it in, and he fucks him gently to start with, using only half the length of his dick, and then gradually gets harder and deeper as Fraser relaxes.


For the next position, Fraser is on his back, legs wide apart, and Thierry again begins by fucking him gently, before building up gradually, and holding Frasers muscular hairy legs firmly to fuck him harder and deeper. Thierry varies the fucking, showing us plenty of length, as well as fucking deep and hard, then builds up to a good speed, making Frasers cock rock solid and ready to blow, till he cant hold off anymore, shooting a big load of thick stringey spunk over himself. Thierry pulls out and shoots quick and hard onto Frasers chest. Fantastic scene.


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